• 06 Dec 2013 11:59

G4S delivers savings for Pfizer in Europe

Making connections

Working with G4S, the world’s leading biopharmaceutical company Pfizer, has been able to consolidate its manned security function throughout Europe, resulting in significant cost savings and greater efficiencies across 80 of its European manufacturing and sales facilities.

In 2005 G4S won a competitive contract to provide manned security services at Pfizer’s 30 manufacturing and 50 sales locations in Europe, including 10 sites in Ireland. Over the past seven years the initial contract with G4S has evolved to become a close working partnership that Conor Hanlon, European Director of Security for Pfizer Manufacturing, says he can rely on.

Consolidation produces cost savings, streamlines standards

G4S’s Europe-wide presence meant Pfizer could replace 27 manned security company contracts with just one - significantly reducing costs on both the initial contract and year-on-year expenses. “As well as being more cost efficient, the single contract with G4S has enabled us to streamline our standards across our European sites.

Having the same procedures at each of our sites is an important factor for us in terms of risk management and a consistent brand image,” said Conor.

One point of contact boosts efficiencies

G4S’s account management system was an important factor for Pfizer. “Their ‘umbrella approach’ was exactly what we were looking for. Our single G4S point of contact – the contract manager – heads up a team of country managers. For any issues or updates all I need to do is speak with my contract manager who can handle the situation across all our European sites. Previously, I would have had to make numerous phone calls to contacts at different companies working at our various locations,” explained Conor.

G4S security officers become an integral part of Pfizer team

Conor considers the 120 G4S officers across Pfizer’s Irish site network part of his team. “Our security officers are very much the ‘face of Pfizer’; they are the first people visitors encounter. We have up to 500 visitors per day visiting our Irish sites, and the security team follow our strict sign-in procedures and provide a courteous welcome to all our visitors,” said Conor. G4S security officers also provide receptionist and mail handling services, which delivers considerable savings for Pfizer. “The G4S team also offer invaluable help in terms of safety at our facilities: they perform regular checks on fire extinguishers, deliver first aid training and have developed a ‘clean work’ system and awareness campaign,” explained Conor. “They have the skills to address any situation, and I know I can count on them to deal appropriately with any incident that may arise.”

Proactive contract manager drives ongoing savings

“We have a great relationship with our contract manager. He is very proactive and is continuously striving to offer us savings or come up with ideas where we can increase efficiencies. That initiative is key to our successful partnership,” Conor concluded.