G4S has a heritage of more than 100 years

1901–1950: Our foundation in Denmark, our national growth, our first moves into overseas territories and the emergence of Securitas International

1951–1989: The emergence of Securicor and Group 4, changes in the role of the Philip-Sørensen family, and a partnership with British Telecom

1968: Irish Security Services Ltd incorporated and the Philip-Sørensen group of companies becomes Group 4 (Total Security). Former Taoiseach Sean Lemass appointed as a non-executive director

1973: Irish Security Services changes it's name to Group 4 Securitas and David Morten becomes General Manager

1982: Bart Lynch appointed first Irish born Managing Director

1990: Eamonn Hudson succeeds Bart Lynch as Managing Director having joined the company in 1973

1990's: Company acquires Security Wardens and Securetec (Athlone)

2000-2005: Continued Global mergers and acquisitions, Group 4 Falck is established and then Group 4 Securicor, the world’s second largest security provider

2006–Present: G4S becomes a global identity, makes yet more acquisitions

2007: G4S Ireland acquires Bell Communications and Omada

2010: Niall Feely takes over as Managing Director following the retirement of Eamonn Hudson

2012: G4S Ireland acquires DML Fire Systems