G4S deploys 50 new cash-in-transit armoured vehicles

14 November 2013

G4S to deploy 50 new cash-in-transit armoured vehicles nationwide

As part of G4S Cash Solutions’ continuous investment in cutting-edge technology, it has deployed 50 new, high-tech, cash-in-transit vehicles nationwide.

The new vehicles are among the most sophisticated cash-in-transit vehicles in the world, featuring highly-advanced anti duress and tiger kidnap features. They also include innovative cross-pavement cash boxes, which are fitted with glue instead of the standard dye protections systems, and are supported by sophisticated tracking and DNA tagging.

“These new vehicles represent a real leap forward in the cash-in-transit industry and we have made some unique modifications to enhance the vehicles’ operations. The software systems in the new vehicles have been designed and written by G4S, which means we are able to easily modify the system to meet customers’ unique needs,” said Neville Prentice, Managing Director, G4S Cash Solutions.

“We are also integrated with our National Control Centre for advanced monitoring and tracking and the control of each vehicle. We have also future-proofed their communications platform so they can seamlessly move to G4S’ private national communications network when it is rolled out in 2014.”

With a carrying capacity of over 1,000kg and multiple safes, G4S Cash Solutions now has greater flexibility to deliver a wide mix of cash-in-transit, ATM and coin products in a single trip. A new energy management and driver performance system is aimed at improving fuel efficiency and reducingG4S Cash Solution’s carbon footprint.

G4S Cash Solutions operates 10,000 cash-in-transit vehicles globally. In Ireland it has a fleet of 200 vehicles comprising 140 armoured vans, 20 armoured heavy truck and 40 other vehicles for coin and engineering services.

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