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14 November 2013

G4S Fire Systems announce new INERGEN I-Flow system

G4S Fire Systems has boosted its range of fire suppression gases with the addition of the environmentally-friendly and people-safe INERGEN I-Flow gaseous system.

Tyco Fire Protection Products, which manufactures INERGEN, has appointed G4S Fire Systems as an authorised distributor of INERGEN in Ireland, citing G4S’ experience and fire suppression knowledge as key to its decision.

"G4S has a strong history and heritage in Ireland and experience in the public and commercial sectors, and are also FESA accredited. We are pleased to be supplying G4S with our INERGEN I-Flow inert gaseous system,” said Mark Mushrow, Tyco Fire Protection Products

INERGEN is made exclusively of gases that people already breathe: nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. It works by displacing a proportion of the air within the affected room or enclosure, lowering the oxygen to a level that cannot sustain combustion. At the same time, oxygen levels remain at a point that are safe for people, vital in situations where immediate evacuation may not be possible.

INERGEN poses no threat to the ozone layer or climate change, which means it will never be subject to future legislative restrictions. Once discharged, INERGEN simply returns to the atmosphere in its natural state. It is also entirely non-toxic, which means it is safe for people and produces no corrosive decomposition products whatsoever. Crucially, it does not produce a fog when discharged, so escape routes remain visible.

“At G4S Fire Systems, we are committed to working with products that are environmentally friendly and safe for people. INERGEN satisfies both of those criteria, while at the same time it effectively suppresses fire involving virtually all combustive materials and flammable liquid,” said Declan Murphy, Director, G4S Fire Systems. “We’re delighted to add INERGEN to our suite of fire suppression gases which also include; FM200, Novec and Water Mist Systems.”



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